Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eye Surgery and Birthdays

September has been a whirlwind of a month so far.  I knew it would be, for one thing there are 7 birthdays between my family and Stephen's, one being our own cutie, Tanner.  I started doing preschool again with Porter.  We had to take a little break, but hopefully we will  be back to doing it on a regular basis from here on out.  One day we talked about apples.  This is a picture of him taste testing different kinds.
 Vance had eye muscle surgery on both of his eyes on September 11th.  I was feeling pretty nervous having him go through it, but he did great.  Recovery was rough at first, but after about the 4th day things got much better.  He decided he could open his eyes and that really helped.  I am so excited for him to live his life with out any more double vision, eye crossing issues.  I wish in a way we could have known that the less extreme options weren't going to work and had the surgery done 3 years ago.  Oh well, we can't go back in time.  His eyes look less red everyday and he is back to his normal school routine.
 Here is Vance the day after surgery.  His eyes hurt quite a bit so using a damp wash cloth at the beginning helped.  His Aunt Kimberly gave him the cute gold dragon and the hospital gave him the Green Latern blanket.
 Here he is feeling more normal.  I think he enjoyed being at home playing once he started feeling better.  However, he did become restless.
 Here he is a week after his surgery going back to school.
On Saturday we celebrated Tanner's 7th birthday.  He had a Lego Movie theme and I decorated his cake with candy that looks like Legos.  We try to make their birthdays a special day and enjoy some family time.  We had a little get together with some extended family at the church.
Here are some more birthday celebration pictures.

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