Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Blog Post, shamefully overdue...

I have been an awful blogger this entire year.  There is too much to post about in detail, but I have some pictures to share to sum up what we've been doing since March.  

 We visited Lego Americana in the mall with the Lego store.  It was real neat.
 The boys on St. Patrick's Day!
 We had a week full of activities when the boys were on Spring Break.  Here they are at one park. 
 Here they are at another park.
We celebrated Easter and had General Conference weekend at the same time.  The boys get a book and new stuffed animal for Easter with a little candy.

We enjoyed a few last trips to the Aquarium before our yearly pass expired.
 We loved the few times that we were in the shark tank alone.
 The boys enjoying the shark tank.
 My side of the family was able to get together for Glen and Rosemary's graduations from BYU-Idaho.
Our family in April 2015.
The boys and the graduates.
 With my siblings.
 Tanner participated in an opera with his class along with the 2nd, and 3rd grade P.A.L. classes.  He was Hansel and Gretel's father.  
 I celebrated my 32nd birthday.  Stephen made me this awesome origami quilt.
 Stephen and I being silly.
 My side of the family got together again for My Mom's college graduation the beginning of May.  Here are my parents with the boys.
 We had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Payson Temple Open House in May as well.

 It is a very beautiful temple!
 The boys and I on Mother's Day.  It was also my first week in my new calling as a Relief Society teacher.
 The boys on the last day of school.
Summer fun has begun.  Movies on Friday, Parables on Tuesday-Thursday.  Monday is kind of a freebie day so far we have walked to the library and played at the park and yesterday we had Stephen's birthday.
We went to Provo to see an Origami Exhibit.  It was a lot of fun.

 The boys at the park.
 Trying out the house built on a rock and sand for themselves.
 Stephen turned 34 yesterday.  The boys worked hard and making little Mario Character drawings for him.  We glued them together and framed it so that he can take it to work.
 He had a Jurassic World cake which worked out since Stephen and I had just seen the movie on Saturday.  We had a lot of fun doing that, despite that I got really sick afterwards.  The boys enjoyed playing with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Kimmy.

That is a very brief update on what we've been doing the last few months!

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