Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tanner's Birthday

It's great to be 8!  Tanner's 8th birthday has arrived.  He wanted a penguin themed birthday.  He drew lots of pictures for me to put up around the house.  They are all so awesome!
 I brought down some of his penguin things to help celebrate.
 Here is a close up of one of the drawings.
 Since Tanner's birthday fell on a Sunday we did some celebrating on Saturday.
 He wanted to visit Barnes and Noble.
 And the Lego store.
 Lunch was Red Robin.  He loves their mac and cheese!

 He was quite excited about his new scriptures from the Porter's.
 Here are his cupcakes.
 Ready for church with Mom and Dad!
 Blowing out his candles!
Happy 8th birthday Tanner!  We love you so much!

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