Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break= Trip to Vernal

Warning:  There are tons of pictures in the blog post!  We decided to go to Vernal, UT for a little mini vacation while the boys were on Spring Break!  We had such a great time looking at all the different dinosaur things and being together as a family.
Ready to head out!
Made it to Vernal.  The kids named this dino "Pinky".
We went to the Quarry on the first day!  Super neat.
Quarry Visitor Center
Outside the Quarry

We really enjoyed seeing all the fossils!

Vernal has a fun library too!

We went to the Natural History Museum the next day.

Anytime we saw rocks and fossils the boys would bring up Glen- Mr. Geologist.  :)



We had to check out the Vernal Temple while we were there too.

We also had fun playing at a park before we had to head home.
Porter loves to collect maps so he was in heaven on our trip!

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