Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stephen's Birthday

First off, some exciting news!  Stephen has been working as a contractor on base near our place for just under two years, but he was offered a government spot and will be starting that at the end of the month.  He'll actually be doing the exact same job, but with better pay and benefits.  We have been praying so hard that something of this nature would happen and it has.  We feel very blessed especially considering Stephen was chosen over many people who have been there much longer than him.  He will have to temporarily work swing shift for a little while.  We are not thrilled about that, but at least it is temporary!
On to Stephen's 35th birthday!  The kids decided he needed a dragon theme so Tanner and Vance drew dragon pictures and they all helped me find a dragon to make a sign with off the internet.
Stephen and the boys on his birthday!
The boys had free coupons to go miniature golfing so we decided to do that.  We actually went miniature golfing on Stephen's 30th birthday as well! 
All ready for some mini golf!
 It was pretty much Porter's first time old enough to try and actually get the ball in the hole!

 Vance got a hole in one!

Believe it or not, Stephen and I tied for first place!  He is so much more athletic than me so it is nice to come close to beating him once in a while, even if it is mostly just luck!
We also ate a yummy lunch and got ready for my mom to come to town as well as visited with Stephen's parents.  We sure love Stephen, in fact he was going to work on his birthday, but the kids insisted he take it off and play with us instead!

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