Monday, July 11, 2016


Each year for many years now we've had the tradition of going to 7-11 and getting a free slupree on July 11th.  Vance made sure we did not forget this year.  We live real close to one so it's fun to walk down there and get one as a family.  Stephen's picture doesn't have a sun spot in it so I'll have to swap them out sometime.
 We decided to see what the craze was about Pokémon Go.  You download the app on your phone (it's free) then you can go around trying to "catch" Pokémon.  There are different stops where you pick up extras so you can catch Pokémon and get other stuff.  The boys and I spent a couple of hours walking around near our houses going to the various stops and seeing if we could get any Pokémon.  It was a nice day and something new and different to do.  I think for the most part they had a good time even though there were some complaints about how much walking we were doing from the younger two.

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