Monday, June 8, 2009

Conversations with Vance

Me- Vance say "Grand"
Vance- "Grand"

Me- say "Ma"

Vance- "Ma"

Me- Say "Grandma"

Vance- "Magra"
Me- Vance, say "mom"
Vance- "mom"
Me- Say "muffin"
Vance- "huffin"
Me- Say "mmmmm."
Vance- "mmmm."
Me- Now say "mmmmmuffin"
Vance- "mmmmm...huffin"
Vance- Go to Magra's (grandma's) house"
Me- Not today
Vance- Go to Magra's house later maybe.
Me- We will go to Grandma's house later, another day.
Vance- Go to Magra's house. Eric, Glen, Rose, Papa, Magra.
Me- Yes, you can go to Grandma's house and see them all another day.
Vance- No Magra's house.
This has been his favorite thing to say since Glen's graduation:
Vance- "fun at school" (meaning Glen's high school) "get wet. have fun. (remembering that it rained on us) "Glen's going to college. Mom, Blues Clues." (which means I am suppose to do the chant they do on a Blue's Clues episode where Steve goes to college)
Me- "Glen is going to college. Glen is going to college."
Vance- "Go to school have fun"
Me- Not today, sorry.

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Mabel said...

What a cute little guy! Love the Magra!