Saturday, June 6, 2009

Glen's Graduation

My youngest brother, Glen graduated last night and we were all there to celebrate with him. We did have a a rainstorm shortly before the ceremony (which was held outside) began. Thankfully, although it came down hard it didn't last long and some of us were lucky enough to use an umbrella so we didn't get too wet. It must have been the highlight of the trip for Vance because after we got home tonight he mentioned a couple of times how he had fun at the school getting wet. Glen is off to BYU in about a week and a half! Congratulations Glen and good luck at school. We all love you! :) Here are some pictures...
Glen is the stud in the middle.
This is one way that Tanner entertained himself during the ceremony. He had a good time swaying back and forth to Pomp and Circumstance as the gradutates walked.
Vance watching kids walk up. He didn't really know what to think of it. I told him to watch for Glen, but I don't think he recongized Glen with a black robe and funny cap on.

Here is a picture of Glen with my boys today after he opened some graduation gifts.

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