Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen!

It's Stephen's birthday today. Of course he is working away, but I'm hoping he'll get off at a decent hour so we can celebrate with him. I don't know if Stephen is excited for it to be his birthday, but the boys are...or maybe they are just excited for cake... I couldn't get them to do a video together so here are two videos.

Vance singing his version of the"Happy Birthday" song.

Tanner enjoying the birthday song.

I told you they were excited for cake, didn't I? Anyway, we hope you have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY STEPHEN/DAD! We love you so much!!!


Holly said...

Sean heard the songs and said, "Those boys have a one-track mind. Cake!" Cute!

Mandy said...

Well, at least they know what's important about birthdays. That was hilarious!!

Stephen sure hope you had a great day.

Kimmy said...

Hilarious! Mmm...cake. That's what I like best about birthdays, too.