Monday, December 7, 2009

Child/Budget Friendly Christmas Decorations

Welcome to our home's decorations. Since my children are 4 and 2 I stick with child friendly decorations and since we don't have a surplus of money I don't spend a lot on decorations. We may not have the most extravagant looking house during Christmas time it is a lot of fun!

At our front door we have a little sign I made with my Cricut Machine (which is how I do a lot of my decorating). Also, the most fun thing here it the Origami Wreath my husband made. He is very talented, as you can see.
Our tree is looking a little bare currently because most of the decorations that go on it will be made by our children and I throughout the month. The star on top is an origami one done by my husband. We give each child an ornament each year and sometimes we get them as gifts, otherwise everything on our tree is handmade.
I made the Santa and Reindeer in the shadows with my Cricut Machine as well. Our nativity set is the Little People Nativity Set. It is great because my kids can play with it and I don't have to worry about any of the pieces breaking.
Our stockings were made by my mother-in-law. Aren't they awesome?

We also have snowflakes hanging in our window to make it feel wintry.
This is a Christmas Advent I made to do with my boys. You can find out more about it here. Here is another advent that my mother-in-law made for my boys this year. It has a present to unwrap each day until Christmas.
This wall is also looking a bit bare. This is where I will be hanging up art and craft projects throughout the month.


The Activity Mom said...

I printed some paper ornaments for B to put on the bottom branches of the tree.

wonder woman said...

cute ideas! I have two little ones myself, and look forward to doing some easy christmas crafts with them. Another cheap idea I love: I usually buy christ-centered calendars, and use the pics in cheap frames once I'm done with the calendar. I've been able to score some cheap holiday art that way, too!

Holly said...

Awww..your house looks cute! I love it! I need an advent calendar. I love all of Stephen's origami stuff.

MomBabe said...

All of the ornaments on my tree are shatterproof. My kids like to scrunch up to the middle of the tree, and shake it as hard as they can. Thus, the shatterproof/soft ornaments.

Cynthia said...

I love how you include your kids in all of it. That makes it so special. The origami wreath and star are incredible and you get extra points for maximizing that Cricut machine.

Lynnae said...

The advent calendars are great!

Sheila C. said...

It looks like you have been busy and things are cute.