Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You forget how confusing life can be until you are trying to explain things to your preschooler. The other day I was trying to explain to Vance the purpose of Christmas. I thought it'd be easiest to tell him that Christmastime is for celebrating Jesus' birthday. Vance got very indignant at this point and said, "No, it's my birthday!" Well, as a matter of fact his birthday is three days before Christmas so he has a point.
We've casually talked about how I have a baby growing in my tummy. It's become easier now that I am showing and a lot of times Vance brings it up himself. However, a lot of times he tells me that he has a baby in his belly too and I try to kindly tell him that just Mom has a baby in her belly. Well, this morning he brought up the fact that I have a baby in my belly and told me that he did NOT have a baby in his. This made me happy. Yes, we are getting somewhere. Then he informed me that Baby Jesus was in my belly. Yep, still laughing about that one whenever I think about it.
Cute things I just have to mention since I'm typing: This morning the boys crawled in bed with me and made me sing songs with them. So fun. Also, Tanner loves to have me sit next to him at the piano and play and sing songs from the Children's Songbook. Today Vance joined us and put his arms around me and Tanner as we sang "I Am a Child of God". So sweet, nearly brought tears to this pregnant woman's eyes.
We are super excited because my sister finally had her second little girl this evening. Congratulations to Holly, Sean, and Jillian! They are naming her Chloe. :) I told Tanner he had a new cousin and he nodded and said, "Yep." like he already knew that. When I told Vance he repeated her name and then said, "I love it." Ahh... then he informed me that Chloe was his baby. I told him that she was Holly's baby, but he still insisted that it was his. I'm thinking that her parents will disagree.


Holly said...

Too cute! Vance can claim Chloe any time he wants.

By the way, Jilly thinks Chloe is in her and Sean's tummy so there you go. We'll see what she thinks when we get her home.

Mabel said...

That's so sweet! I'm sure Holly would share Chloe.