Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vance's birthday

Vance had a lot of fun celebrating his birthday. Thanks to everyone for wishing him a happy birthday. He was feeling loved.Here's a sign I made for him. I put monkeys on it since he wanted a monkey cake.
Here's the monkey cake I made. I found the idea on the internet. I'm not sure why Vance wanted a monkey cake, but he did. At least he didn't pick something more difficult.
Vance was so funny yesterday. He insisted that I sing happy birthday to him several times throughout the day and he'd pretend to blow out his candles, but when it came time to sing for real he hid his head. We did get him to blow out his candle.

Tanner wanted to help unwrap the gifts too.
This is a Leapfrog Clickstart computer from my parents. So cute and both boys have had lots of fun with it already. We have toys everywhere and Christmas isn't even here yet!

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Sheila C. said...

Oh that monkey cake is cute!!!