Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funny Vance

Last night Vance was saying his prayers before bed and he was talking really fast so I tried to interupt him to tell him to slow down.  He turned to me and indignantly said, "I AM TALKING TO JESUS CHRIST!"  Pardon me...Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, he was close.  Vance has been praying for Porter to come so much that Tanner started praying for that too.
  He has some gospel oriented things down pat.  He knows that Jesus Christ loves him.  He also knows that Mom and Dad got married in the temple.  He doesn't realize that you do other things besides get married in the temple, yet though.  He always talks about Mom and Dad going to the temple and getting married.  That only happened the one time.  Anyway,  I thought my little story from last night was too cute not to share.


Edmond said...

Isn't it amazing how much little kids learn and how fast they learn it. It is no wonder the Savior says we should become as a little child.

Holly said...

That is adorable! What good kid he is. Jillian was blessing dinner the other night and said thank you for every food we were eating and then said, "I like it!" before she was done. I guess Heavenly Father would like to know that we enjoy our food. Funny kids!