Monday, March 1, 2010

Happenings in my family...

First off my brother, Eric is engaged!  Yay!  We are super excited for him and Tami.  Don't they look so cute together?  They are getting married this summer.  Happy and fun times.
My sister Holly's poor little baby has RSV and had to be hospitalized.  It makes my heart feel so sad, but she's getting some color and looking a little better so hopefully she'll be able to go home soon.
I realize I am technically two weeks out from having my baby, but I really was really hoping to add to the family excitement this weekend.  No luck.  I've had plenty of contractions, but they obviously haven't turned into anything.  I saw my dr. today.  I haven't progressed far enough in his eyes to induce so we are waiting it out longer.  He is going to see me again on Friday (good news).  Praying that my body has progressed enough that the doctor might consider inducing, but more ideally I'm hoping my water breaks or I go into labor before then.  Apparently my doctor doesn't seem to care as much as I do that I could give birth to a 10 pound baby if we aren't proactive about things.  Hello, I'm 5'1" and when I'm not pregnant weigh around 120 pounds and to top it off I have back problems.  Yep, a bit concerned on my end. 

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Kimmy said...

Happy news! They even look alike a bit. Here's to hoping that Porter comes today! (Or very soon.)