Saturday, November 5, 2011

I survived Halloween

I lived through Halloween!  Yay.  I haven't taken any pictures since.  I did want to show off the boys with their trick or treat bags Grandma Jeppson made for them.  They are cute bags.  Sorry, the boys didn't really get it when I told them to show me the pumpkin's faces.
 Holly's kids were very cute.  Sean and Holly were even in costumes.  The night before Halloween Tanner asked me what I was going to dress up as and I told him he wasn't.  He did not think that was acceptable at all.  So he started giving me suggestions, "How about a mummy?"  I told him I didn't really want to be a mummy.  "You could use toilet paper." he responded.  Thanks, but no thanks buddy.  Finally  after a few more suggestions Vance interjected, "Mom doesn't have to dress up Tanner!"  Apparently, that hadn't occurred to Tanner because he gave the simple response of  "Oh, okay, you can just be Mom."
Now we are excited for Thanksgiving at our house.  Our boys were very confused by the snow we had this morning.  They associate snow with Christmas.  Last year we were telling them that just because it was Christmas doesn't mean that we would have snow.  This year we are telling them that just because there is snow doesn't mean that we've skipped past Thanksgiving!

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