Monday, March 12, 2012

Porter's Birthday and other stuff

Tanner and I continued our Dr. Seuss celebration.  Here he is "hopping on pop".  Basically he drew a picture of his dad and then jumped on it.  He had a lot of fun doing it.  His picture included glasses for his dad too.
 Tanner was reading a "Hop on Pop" one morning.  I actually did a video of it too because it was sweet.
 Sadly, Tanner had a real high fever on Thursday and it kind of stayed with him until yesterday.  I think we are completely past that now though.  Poor kid.  Rough winter for us.
 Here is just a picture of Vance being cheesy.  He is a funny kid.
 On Saturday we celebrated Porter's birthday.  Here is a picture of him admiring his cupcakes.  Thanks to everyone who came and thanks to all those who gave him gifts.  He loves everything he got.
 Here is my birthday boy.  How did two years pass already?  It's crazy.  Even more crazy to think about is that when Vance turned two Tanner was already three months old and when Tanner turned two I was around 3 months pregnant with Porter.  I don't have a new baby nor am I pregnant.  Kind of crazy to think about.  Anyway, we love this little man!
 Vance loves to play with different things.  Pretty much anything can be turned in to a toy.  These are birthday candles he was playing with this afteroon.
 I posted birthday pictures on facebook, but here are a couple more of my favorites.

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