Monday, March 5, 2012

One Fish Two Fish

Tanner and I have been reading Dr. Seuss books and activities to go with the books we read for preschool.  We did that all of last week and are doing a few more this week too.
Snow in March should be illegal.  Just saying...
 Porter found a fun toy in a magazine that he had to point out to anyone that would look at it.
 On Friday Grandma Jeppson had all of her grandsons over for a "drive in" movie.  They each had their own little cars and they watched a movie.  They had a wonderful time.
 This little guy spent the night before throwing up all night.  Not fun.  Poor kiddo.
 My brother, Glen is on his mission right now and he turns 21 next week so we put together a little birthday package for him.  This is what was in it.
  Porter love to play with stuffed animals especially Nintendo character ones.  Doesn't he have a cute dimple on his cheek?  Love him.

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