Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting over our illnesses

No one is on antibiotics, taking eye drops, or anything else.  Woo-hoo.  We got hit hard with being sick this get go around yucky.
Vance has been too big for his car seat for a while so we finally put him in a booster seat.  He is loving it.  He is constantly asking if we need to go somewhere so he can ride that way.  I am liking it too because he has an easier time buckling and unbuckling himself.
 Tanner likes all of his stuffed animals and such to be his babies.  The little pigs are his "baby piggies".  He even made me help name them.  We have a Ham, Chops, B.B. (short for Bacon Bits), and Porky.  Don't ask me to tell them apart because I can't.
 Here is a picture of Tanner writing a little note. He is doing good at reading now, but still has a lot of practicing to do when it comes to writing.
 Porter gets jealous that the other boys have reading lessons and he doesn't so he likes to pull the book down and point to different words.  I wish he would say words when he does this.  He does make sounds though so that's something.
 Stephen can entertain the boys so easily.
 Since Stephen works on Monday evenings we try to do our Family Home Evenings on Sundays.  Last night we talked about Nephi. Here is Vance doing a maze to help Nephi find the Brass Plates.
 Whenever I do the laundry Porter pulls out some of his brothers underwear and put it on over his clothes.  It was extra entertaining this morning because he was dancing to music I had playing.

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