Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pink Eye and Stuff

Last week we got to play a little with some cousins.  My sister and her two girls and baby boy came over to play and visit.  It is nice to live close to them.  I took a picture of Porter showing his little cousin, Elliot his airplane.
 Porter loves water bottles so we got him one of his own.  He also was looking pretty cute in the monster hat his Grandma Jeppson made him so I snapped a picture of the little cutie.
 I took a picture of Vance and Tanner with their Ground Hog's Day projects.  Vance did his at school and Tanner's was something we did for preschool.
 The boys are still loving their Skylanders.  One nice thing about them is that they are action figures as well as a part of a video game.  The boys were playing with them before church on Sunday.  They were telling Porter to point to certain ones.
 Sadly, Vance had pink eye!  It started to develop on Sunday night so we got him an antibiotic and kept him home from school on Monday.  He is doing much better today.  He still has to have the drops put in his eyes though and he hates it!  Poor kid has a bit of a cold on top of it too.
 The boys made Uncle Glen (who's on a mission) valentine's today.  The oldest two were practicing their writing.  Porter had fun coloring.  Now I just need to get them sent off...
You may have noticed that I didn't put in a couple of pictures.  One day I took a picture of our new state license plates and the other day I took a picture of our clean kitchen.  Noteworthy, but not interesting enough for the blog!  :)

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The Hayloft & November Rain Photography said...

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