Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More sickness and Valentine's Day

Well, I would be lying if I said that last week was anything but rough.  As I mentioned in my last post Vance got pink eye and had a cold as well.  He was kind enough to pass his cold onto everyone and then nearly everyone has taken turns getting pink eye as well.
Poor Tanner go it next.  He is over that, but still not feeling well.  :(
 Porter started getting a little discharge and his eye was a little pink so I started giving him eye drops as soon as I noticed that so he never had it very bad.  Thankfully.  However, one day he had a pretty high fever and he laid around doing nothing or sleeping all day.  Poor kid.
 He did perk up the next day.  Thank goodness.  He always wants to play on the Wii with his older brothers and Dad, but sadly he just isn't old enough to understand it yet.  He still has a cough, but is otherwise good.
We have some farm animal magnets and alphabet magnets and I found this on on the fridge one day.  Vance had been trying to spell cow and pig.  I think he did pretty good.  Does cow really sound like it is spelled?  No, it doesn't.
 On Sunday we went to my in-laws and the boys had fun making and playing with these little things. I don't know what they are called, but they sure had a blast flying pom-poms and marshmallows everywhere.
 I found this idea on pinterest.  I am hoping that it helps my boys stay a little more quiet and entertained during Sacrament meeting.  I printed off and laminated a bunch of color pages and bought some dry erase crayons for them to color on.  They are church related except for the pictures of themselves that I converted to coloring pages.
Valentine's Day!  Vance was very excited to have a party and take his valentine's to school.  He came home with a heart full of valentines and candy.  Porter had fun helping him sort through all of his valentine's. Stephen got pink eye yesterday and has a sinus infection.  He stayed home from work, which was nice even though he spent his time doing school work and was sick.  It was still nice to have him around.
 Tanner is still not feeling too good.  He wanted to play a game on the Wii tonight, but he didn't feel well enough to sit up so this is how he played.  Poor boy.
That pretty much wraps up our week.  I have not gotten pink eye.  (knock on wood)  I have been trying to clean every surface, wall, toy, and what not to get all the sick germs away.

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