Monday, February 20, 2012

New pictures

I couldn't handle having the pathetic picture of Tanner at the top of my blog anymore.  We took him to the doctor the morning after my last blog post to find out the poor kid had walking pneumonia.  He is on an antibiotic now and doing much better.  The last two days Porter hasn't been doing too well though, so we may have to take him in too.  Sickness really got us good this time around.  I don't know what happened!  Anyway, here are some more recent photos of the day.
The boys attacking Stephen with hugs before he heads to work.  This is a daily thing.
Friday night= study time for Stephen.  Super exciting.
My little sister came to town this weekend from BYU-Idaho.  She has a nice, new camera she got for Christmas and she took some pictures of the nieces and nephews.  I posted more below.
Rosemary with Tanner and Vance.  Porter wanted nothing to do with a picture so we left him out.
Porter was being real funny playing with these magic stars that Stephen folded this morning.

 Here are some of my favorites that Rose took of the boys this weekend.  I think she did pretty good considering she isn't a photographer.
This is probably my favorite picture she took.  
This picture just makes me laugh.
I don't know why, but Vance was real excited to have his picture taken and he was the most cooperative one of the group.  If only his school picture had looked this good.
Tanner took some bribing to do some shots of him, but he ended up posing and smiling cute for Rose.
Porter wanted nothing to do with having his picture taken.  Rose took the most pictures of him and this is about as good as it got.  He was not having it.  Maybe next time...

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