Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two weeks

I got a little behind in blogging so here are my pictures of the day for pretty much the last two weeks.
I took a picture of Vance playing with birthday candles.  He finds the most random things to entertain himself with.
 We have had some nice spring days and some cold, snowy days.  I am really hoping it will just be nice now that it is getting closer to April.
 Tanner playing in a laundry basket with his stuffed animals.
 Porter had his two year wellness check.  He'd been coughing and his breathing was wheezy so the doctor looked into that and told us he had Bronchiolitis.  Poor boy.  He had to do breathing treatments for several days.  That's what he is doing in the picture.  Anyway, he is 30 pounds and a little over 35 inches tall which puts him in the 75% for his height and weight.  He is on the low end of how many words he should be saying, but since he is communicating pretty well we will hold off on speech for now and see how it progresses.
 Porter was enjoying a St. Patrick's Day cookie until I took his picture.
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We didn't do any big celebrations.  I made cupcakes that had spinach in them so they turned out green and you couldn't actually taste the spinach so the boys gobbled them right up.
This picture isn't so exciting.  I find it hard to get pictures on most Sundays.  They were unhappily getting their socks on for church.
 Monday morning we hung out with Holly and her crew.  Tanner and Jillian were having a cute playing moment so I took a picture of them.
 Vance wanted to draw a picture of his very own Mario Party game board.  I wish you could see the picture better, but it was fun.
 Tanner and I did a lesson about controlling our anger with Angry Birds as the theme.  I found this idea on The Home Teacher's site.  Here is a coloring page he did.
 Tanner and I were having fun writing messages on the Magna Doodle.  I took a picture of this message he wrote all on his own.  It says, "Tanner is a boy" in case you can't read it.
 Tanner finished all 100 reading lessons!  Woo-hoo.  Vance is almost finished as well.  With school and homework it makes it a little harder to squeeze in his reading lessons than it is to do Tanner's.
 This morning Tanner and Porter were hanging out on the rocking chair and Tanner said, "Mom, it's kind of like we are friends."  Referring to him and Porter playing.  It was cute.

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Collier Family said...

Great pictures! Your boys are so cute! Looks like you're keeping busy!