Thursday, June 7, 2012


Vance had an appointment with the eye doctor on Monday.  They dilated his eyes of course, and he got to wear the funky "sunglasses".  He thought they were pretty funny.  He did good with the doctor too.
 Porter started to draw on the wall with a pencil so I made him clean up after himself.  This was his "Ta-da!" When he was finished.
 The boys playing with Mr. Potato Heads.   Did you noticed Vance's eye patch.  One of the lovely features he gets to deal with for a while.  One of his eyes is lazy and so to strengthen it he has to patch the other one. Not all the time, but when he is at home.
 Vance's glasses came today.  Yay!  He was excited to wear them, although I think by the end of the day he was tired of them.  I hope we can train him to take good care of them.  Anyway, it should be a temporary thing as his eye gets strengthened.  He does look studious.

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