Monday, June 18, 2012


We are home from our trip to Washington.  We spent time in good company, ate good food, and took lots of pictures.  It is kind of sad to be home, but nice to get back into our normal routines.
Porter is ready for a long ride in the car.
My little hometown has this Teapot Dome which is a National Historical Site.  It used to be out of town, but they moved it into town and fixed it up.  We took some family pictures by it.
Glen talked at church on Sunday which is why my entire family was gathered at my parents house.  Glen made friends with Porter by playing Angry Birds on his phone.
 On Monday our family went to Kennewick to visit the places we enjoyed while we lived there.  It was bittersweet. 
 Since Stephen's birthday was during the week we were up in Washington we bought a cake earlier in the week to eat and share with everyone there.  He loves big frosted sheet cakes so that's what he got.
 We played in a fun park in Yakima one day.  Tanner loved this tire swing.
 Tanner helping Grandma "feed" her flowers.
 Here is my birthday  boy.  Stephen turned 31 on Friday.  We celebrated by going miniature golfing.
 Vance insisted on going to the canal by my parent's house to throw rocks.  All the boys loved it.  Porter couldn't quite get his rocks in the water though which disappointed him every time.
 Happy Father's Day!  Stephen with his sons.  We left yesterday, but went to Sacrament Meeting before heading out of town with my parents.  
 Vance "gets" to wear an eye patch for a while to strengthen up one of his eyes.  We found some fun colored ones that you can put stickers on and what not.

 We took pictures of my family and then Eric took a picture of our immediate family.  Rose took pictures of the boys and some outdoor pictures of my family too so there are lots of pictures to be had.  I am hoping to make some larger prints to hang on my walls.

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