Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dino Park and Summer Fun

I am trying to do weekly posts, but I think I got a little behind this week.  I am still trying to take and post a picture for every day of the year.  I haven't missed one yet.

 Porter playing Angry Birds on his Dad's phone.
 Fun with cousins
 We played with Vance's parachute one day this week.  If you follow my other blog you may have noticed I am trying to do a fun little (sometimes big) activity each day to add some fun and variety to our Summer.
 Porter was working on putting cereal on this yarn for a cereal necklace.
 Tanner being silly at the park on Saturday.  We still have been doing our weekly walk to the Library and the park, although this past Saturday was really hot. Not sure if we'll keep that up all summer.
 Stephen has passed on his love for Legos to our boys.
 On Monday we took the boys to a Dinosaur Park near our house.  It was a huge hit for everyone and I am really glad we did it.  We may have to go back again someday.  Maybe Vance will get more free passes from school.  :)
 Here the boys are playing with sponges.  I cut a bunch up so they could build towers.
Today we put some Ivory soap in the microwave and watched it expand.  It was pretty cool to watch.

Here are some other pictures from the dinosaur park.

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