Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Activities

Most of my photos of the day come from the Summer activities I have been doing with the boys.  I have also been blogging about them on my other blog.
 We did a water and sponge activity.  Porter even got in on the action.
 Vance and Tanner wrote their own versions to "Don't Let the Pigeon"  books.  Vance did his entirely by himself.  It was called, "Don't Let the Pigeon Eat a Spider"  Tanner's was called, "Don't Let the Pigeon Play Skylanders"
 The boys had fun playing under this tree at the park on Saturday.
 This is a real cool tessellation that Stephen made recently.
 Porter enjoying a Chocolate-dipped Banana.  We found the recipe out of the Friend Magazine and the boys begged me to help them make it so of course, I did.
We tried to do a wind mill activity today.  Mostly, it was a fail.  We could get them to actually work.  We did make some big ones though that I hung on the wall since they looked festive for the 4th of July.

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