Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer activities and stuff

I am still going strong doing a photo every day this year so far.  I think I'll actually accomplish it now, since it's mid-July and it has become a habit.  

Here is a picture of the boys filling a balloon with beads.  We filled balloons with different things and noticed how each one felt different based on what we filled it with.
 I took the boys outside and let them throw sponge balls at each other.  They had a good time.  It was sure hot though.  Porter just enjoyed playing with the sponges not throwing or getting them thrown at him.
 Apparently I don't have enough pictures of my kids playing video games so here is another one...
 You can't tell, but the boys were looking out the window watching a little rain storm on Saturday.
 Vance tripped over a stool in my room yesterday morning and hit the side of his head on my cedar chest.  I don't think you can even tell in the picture, but he had a big goose egg on the right side of his head a little above his glasses.  Poor kid.
 I got a collage print done of each of the boys from the pictures Rose took for us last June.  I haven't gotten them actually put up on the wall yet though, Porter was admiring himself earlier today.

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