Thursday, July 26, 2012

Toy Clearance and Scrapbooks

I wanted to blog about some non-photo of the day related things.  I thought I'd still share our photo from yesterday.  The boys were doing water colors using Kool Aid.  It smelled great.
 Today we took advantage of some Target Toy Clearance.  Generally every January and July Target will mark toys up to 70 percent off.  It's a great way to get cheap toys.  I like to buy them when I can and save them for birthdays, Christmas, and gifts.  Here's a picture of what we picked up this year.  We did get a couple of Lego sets for 30% which I am told (by Stephen) that's really good for Legos.  We also have a Red card with Target and they take off 5% of your total so the items that were 70% off ended up being more like 71% off.  Happy day.  Everything pictured below is either 70 or 50% off.  Yay.
Here is what I got:  Super Grover, STart Wars Transformer Darth Vadar, Spin 'n Spiral Doodle, Hexbug Nano set (which can go along with the Hexburg set they already own), Mater Laptop, Mario Galaxy Figure, Star Wars Trouble, Pigeon Puzzle set, Hot Wheel Trio Car, Hexbug Set, Solar System Tag Reader pack, Mario Cart Wii Cars, ABC Wooden puzzles (giving this to my nephew for his first birthday), Safari Animal Puzzle, and a Mario Galaxy Mini Figure set. Who wants to know how much I spent and how much I saved?  At the normal price all of this would have cost $324.86 and I paid $118.33. That's a savings of $206.53.  And now a good chunk of birthday/Christmas shopping has been taken care of.  I think Stephen spoke for the Mario Kart wii remote controlled cars.  :)

Shutterfly has had some great promos on photo books lately that I have taken advantage of.  I have switched to digital scrap booking, which is a lot of fun, but I haven't had the chance to make anything into a book yet. Well, Shutterfly had two different promos going where I was able to get two photo books 50% off and get free shipping too.  Yay!  That is the only way I plan to get my pages into a book is with that kind of deal.

I thought I'd share a picture from each.  I got a book of Vance's first year done.  Most of those pages I did before I took any digital scrapbooking classes so I am a little embarrassed by my skills, but I am glad to see that my skills have improved.  Anyway, here is a page from Vance's book.
 The other book I ordered was Tanner's first year of life.  Here is a page from his book.

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Holly said...

Whoa baby! Look at all those toys. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out who your nephew was that was turning 1...DUH! I am an idiot sometimes. Nice savings too! I'm impressed.

Your pages are cute too. Look at Tanner, what a doll!