Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July and More

 We had a good 4th of July.  We took the boys to the local city parade which was within walking distance to our house.  Then we had lunch with Stephen's family, minus his sister who lives in another state.  I enjoyed the fireworks from my backyard, but I let the kids sleep through them.
 Muddy Buddies.  One of my favorite goodies.  My kids enjoy them too!
 The boys and I had fun playing Trouble on Friday.  
 Saturday we had an eventful morning.  We have been walking to the library every Saturday as I have mentioned before.  I realized when we got up in the morning that I had left the stroller in the van that Stephen had driven to work.  Instead of breaking the kid's hearts I decided to pull out our double stroller even though it's huge.  We were walking along about a quarter of the way to the library when one of the front wheels on the stroller broke.  I managed to get to where I could slowly and carefully walk back home.  Of course, the boys still wanted to go to the park so we braved it with Porter walking/being carried by me.  We got about to the same spot the wheel broke and Tanner fell and skinned his knees.  We were able to make it to the park and library eventually, but it was sure an eventful morning.  Tanner shows off his knees in the picture below.
 Don't you love it when your shoe comes apart in the middle of church?  I know I do, but I have had these shoes and worn them pretty faithfully since Vance was a baby so I have no room to complain.
 Yesterday we enjoyed a free day at the Natural History Museum of Utah.  It was packed, but we had a good time.  Here's a picture of the boys outside of the museum.
Porter was having a cute little conversation with Stephen this morning so I snapped a picture of them. 

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