Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zoo, Parties, and a Haircut too

Stephen fell asleep on the couch one day and so Porter was kind enough to give him his Mario to snuggle with and "bumblebee" which is the car below Mario.  Stephen wasn't actually asleep when I took the picture, but he had his eyes closed and looked so peaceful.
 Here is Porter with a little crayon/water coloring project we did.  He loves to be involved with the older boys in everything they do.
 One of our activities was doing volcanoes in a cup.  It was a huge hit and real easy just vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring.  We did it several times.
 Tanner pulled this face and told me it was his dragon face.  So there you go, Tanner's dragon face.
 We took the boys to the zoo on Saturday.  Stephen had some Dr. Pepper cans that you could turn in and get free children's admissions with an adult ticket so we ended up only having to pay for Stephen and I's tickets.  We had a great time.
 Porter still loves electronics.  You can see him showing a little lego guy how to play Angry Birds.
 Our nephew had his 5th birthday party yesterday.  Super hero themed.  Really cute.  My mother-in-law made the cute capes and they had masks too.  My boys had a blast.  Here is a picture of all the cousins on Stephen's side of the family.
 I have been so sick of my hair lately.  It's been driving me nuts for lots of different reasons so I finally decided to get it cut short again.  I did it shorter than have had it in a while.  I was even able to donate the hair I cut off to locks of love.  I think I will enjoy the change.

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