Monday, November 19, 2012

Another week

Looking over the pictures for this past week I am realizing that we didn't have an overly exciting week.
Since Vance and Tanner write down the things they are grateful for on their leaves each day Porter was feeling left out so I give him a pencil and a leaf each day for him to "write".  Then I go back and write what he said down so we know for the future.  He is funny though because he ask, "How do you spell that?"  Sometimes he'll even start naming letters.
 Tanner drew this picture and wrote "This is Batman" by himself.  I thought Vance had done it at first, because I didn't realize that Tanner knew how to write sentences on his own.  So there you go,  little smarty pants.  I think it's funny that he wrote "This is batman" but who the heck is the other guy?
 Tanner reading to Porter.  He was reading a booklet that came with the movie "Brave" that we bought this week.  My boys weren't scared at all of the movie even though there is a scary bear.  However, Tanner got emotional to the point of tears at a couple of emotional parts. It was bad enough I had to turn of the movie at one point and talk things out with him.  He has a sensitive side.  Reading the book actually helped because he realized everything turned out alright in the end.
 Tanner playing on the Wii.  His latest favorite game to play has been Batman 2.
 This is a lousy picture, but these are some mini stars Stephen has folded lately.
 Sunday night= movie and muddy buddies or as Porter calls them "money buddies".
 Tanner doing some Thanksgiving activities.

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