Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Vance making a book about 5 little turkeys.  Gearing up for Thanksgiving.
 Vance was still gearing up for Thanksgiving by writing and drawing on the white board.  It says "Thankful.  I am thankful for mom because she is nice.  I am thankful for turkey."  Then he drew a picture of himself and a couple of turkeys.  Then he wrote No a bunch of times and tried to write "No erasing this turkey".
 Thanksgiving day we spent at our place with my parents, Rose, Holly and her family.  Here are all the Porter grandkids enjoying their pie.
 Here is our thankful tree all finished.  You can see the post below to find out more about what the kids were grateful for.
 Saturday we went to temple square to see the lights.  Boy, was it packed.  We had an enjoyable time riding the train and seeing the lights though.  The boys did great!
 Sunday morning we said good bye to my parents and Sunday evening we said good bye to Rose, but I took a picture of her hanging out with the youngest two first.
 I gave in and let Stephen buy a Wii U.  He and the boys are enjoying it.  I guess that takes care of Christmas for Stephen and his birthday and whatever else I want to make it good for.
 Stephen decided to grow a beard for a bit.  Today was his 30 day no shave growth so we took a picture of it before he trimmed it down a little.  His beard comes in red.  Funny, huh?

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