Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy November

I have let myself get behind on blogging.  Oops.  Here is Tanner reading "The Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything" while Porter put visuals on the flannel board for it.
 Leaf rubbings Tanner did.  Actually the red one I did to remind him how to do it but the other two were his.
 It snowed one night/morning and on and off throughout the day.  Thankfully it didn't stick for more than that day.  Vance was super excited for it though and was ready to go in his winter gear well before he needed to catch the bus.
 Porter loves his super hero cape.  He will wear it all day long for days at a time.  He also loves chips... :)
The boys in their costumes.  My mother-in-law was kind enough to sew a bunch of things for us.  Here they are at Mandy's house for a Halloween party.
 Stephen found some directions for these fun skeleton hands, pumpkins, and bats.  They are all super cool.  The bat's wings flap too and the pumpkins have little jack-o-lantern faces.
 Tanner wanted to talk about witches and wizards for preschool one day.  I couldn't find too much about wizards that didn't have to do with the Wizard of Oz or Harry Potter, but he did enjoy this coloring sheet and we watched Sword in the Stone.
 Porter has learned how to control the mouse for the computer.  I admit this makes life easier for me.  I have some educational child-friendly sites favorited on the internet and he knows how to pull them up.  The downside is that whenever I am at the computer he will come over and say, "Hey, you're in my seat!"
 Halloween!  We went to my sister's trunk of treat with her again like we did last year.  I think I have the cutest super hero, vampire, and bat ever in existence.
 Vance came home sick from school this day.  We let him relax and even play a little on the Wii.  It only took about two minutes of being home for him to perk up and feel better.
 Cute Porter.  Do I need to say more?
 Apparently I can't get enough of Porter's cuteness.
 Tanner all ready for church.
 I thought the sky looked really cool around 5:00 this evening especially against the fall looking tree so I took a picture.

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Tami P said...

I laughed a few times throughout the post because of all the cuteness! I am so excited to see you all over Thanksgiving weekend, and I can speak for Eric too. We are so excited!