Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring and Birthday!

Finally we are enjoying what I think Spring weather should be.  It has been so nice the last several days.  I even put the long sleeved shirts away and pulled out the shorts.  Woo-hoo!  I have fun taking pictures of the boys playing outside and sometimes I have fun when I edit them too.
 Porter was trying to stack these rocks.  He was so particular about it.  Such a cutie!
 I know this picture is kind of fuzzy, but he was running around with his tongue out.  I loved it.
 Tanner was sitting in the grass looking at the ground.  He looked rather reflective.
 Tanner is a pretty photogenic kid.  I am so glad at least one of the three will give me their cute smile when I ask them to for the camera.
Vance was trying to make a wish.
 He also had fun twirling around this tree near our place.

 For my birthday we went to Red Butte Gardens.  I was disappointed with the cost for what you got.  I guess I was expecting a lot bigger and more variety of things to look at.  We left our kids at my in-laws and I am glad we didn't waste money taken them.  Nevertheless, we still enjoyed walking around, enjoying each other's company and having lunch there.  I stole a picture of Stephen while he was looking at the map.
 Don't these flowers just make you happy?
 What you see behind me is pretty much what we saw.  It was a beautiful day though!
Of course I needed a picture with my 3 boys on my birthday.  I may have been tickling Porter so he'd smile.  :)  Watch out folks, I am old now!

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