Sunday, September 15, 2013

Glen visits

We were bless to have my brother, Glen visit us this week from Idaho while he had a couple days off work.  He convinced Stephen to play video games with him while he was here. (He really had to twist Stephen's arm...cough, cough...uh no.) Poor Glen had a cold while he was here.  I felt bad for him, but I'm glad he came.
 Porter has really been enjoying preschool and wants to do it everyday.  I did it every day, but Friday with him last week.  I am all for it, but it is hard to plan and keep up with it when you do it that much so we probably won't keep that pace.  We did read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" one day and did activities.  He loved that.  Later, Tanner volunteered to read the book to him again.  I love when they spend time doing that together.
 It was my mother's birthday this passed week.  Hope you had a great one Mom!  I took a couple of pictures this morning before church, but not of Vance.  In fact, no pictures of Vance this week at all. I guess with him gone all day.  I will have to try and remedy that.

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