Monday, September 23, 2013

School Stuff

A couple of weeks ago Vance had to do a seed collection.  We found some seeds and he even got his Aunt Mandy and Grandma Jeppson's help getting enough seeds for the project.  He collected a sunflower, lemon, tomato, hollyhocks, carrots, spinach, and apple seeds.I offered to help him get more, but since he only needed 6 and we got 7 he thought that was sufficient.
 This week Tanner is the student they are spotlighting so he and I made this poster about him and he got to take it to school and talk about it.  They hung it up and he will get to do a few different things this week so his class gets to know him better. He didn't have enough room on the poster for everything he wanted, but we thought this summed up a little bit about him.

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