Monday, October 7, 2013

Phones, Legos, Conference

Stephen and I have new phones.  His is huge, mine is not.  Kind of fitting since he is 14 inches taller than me and weighs nearly 100 pounds more.
 Porter and I have been doing preschool regularly.  Here he is with his play doh nests and eggs.  We enjoy some one on one time together while the other two are at school.
 Here is my silly Tanner.  He and Porter love to make believe outside and inside for that matter.
 Porter loves this pumpkin shirt so don't be surprised if you see it in a lot of posts this month.
 These two are silly.  I like to take pictures of them when they are playing.
 Here is my big boy Vance who spends all day at school, then comes home and does school work so I don't take as many pictures of him.  He is getting so tall.
 We took the boys to the grand opening of the Lego Store not to far from us.  The boys had a great time putting together blocks for a giant Hulk they were building.
 Showing off their creations.
 They got certificates and we took a picture of them in front of this fun banner.
 We enjoyed General Conference this weekend.  The boys did a lot of coloring and Stephen and I did some as well.  Today Porter asked if we were going to have Conference again when everyone got home and was disappointed when the answer was no.  Funny boy.  Their favorite apostle...L. Tom Perry of course.  They were all disappointed to find out he spoke at the Priesthood Session so they wouldn't hear him.  Thanks Phineas and Ferb...

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Rosemary said...

I love that your boys have their own favorite apostle already! That's just so cute!