Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall is here

Last week we took turns being sick even Stephen who doesn't get sick very often took his turn.  Hopefully, that is all in the passed.  This post is full of pictures of Porter because he and I are buddies all day long.  We enjoy doing preschool together.  One day we went on a little nature walk.  This is one of the leaves we found.
 My mother-in-law made all her grandsons (she doesn't have any granddaughters) Despicable Me Minions hats so when we were all together on Saturday we took a picture of the boys.  They turned out really cute.
 Of course, they always have a great time making silly faces as well.  Let's face it, this shows off more what these little minions are really like.
 My mother-in-law also made me these fingerless gloves which I wore to church on Sunday.  I usually sit in the corner of the primary room and freeze while I play the piano, but I still need my fingers to play so they were helpful and they are really cute.
 I have been trying to let the boys play outside while the weather isn't freezing cold yet, but of course, I didn't get a picture of Vance who is still at school when these two play outside.

 Porter might just give Tanner a run for his money in the pulling faces department.  Silly kid.
The boys don't have school Thursday or Friday, but Stephen will still have work.  In fact, he started his swing shift schedule at his new job this week.

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