Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I am not photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures of my boys and so I try to practice seeing what works and what doesn't so I can get better and taking pictures of them.  They are growing up so fast.  Vance already hits my shoulder. I imagine he'll be as tall as me in the next few years.
Fall is very pretty down here with the leaves changing colors and falling down so we enjoyed some of that the other day.
All of my boys hate having their hair gelled and so I don't make them do it too often, but really boys?  I don't think they have any idea how lucky they are to be boys.  I think girls learn early on that beauty is pain. Ha.
Although I feel like I am constantly listening to my boys frighting they are also good friends and I am grateful for that.
 I feel like Vance looks more like Stephen's side of the family and Tanner looks more like my side.  Porter seems to be more of a mix to me.  Maybe others view it differently.
 I took a picture of all the boys laying in the grass on the leaves.  They thought that was great fun.

This passed weekend we ran up to Idaho to celebrate my Grandpa Tanner's 80th birthday.  I am so grateful to come from such a wonderful heritage on both sides of my families.

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