Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Adam's Canyon hike and Waterfall

I've been wanting to go on a hike for a long time.  We do live in Utah after all.  We'd heard that the hike up Adam's Canyon was family-friendly and had a cool waterfall at the top.  I finally convinced Stephen to take us.  We got up and started our hike about 7 am and returned around 11:30.  There was a good chunk of the hike that was doable for our family, but the closer we got to the waterfall the more steep and hard it became for the little legs, Porter in particular.  I don't think we'll do it again as an entire family all the way to the falls for a couple of years when Porter doesn't have to rely so much on Stephen's help.  We had a nice morning though.  It didn't get too hot while we were out and it felt good to be outside and enjoy nature.  Vance did tell me my hair was crazy by the time we'd reached the top.  Good thing I didn't care at that point.  I was surprised at how sore my thighs got considering I work out ever day.  Guess, I need to work my thighs more often.  :)

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