Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First Day of School 2016

Back to school we go!
Vance is in 5th grade this year.  That's right people!  Crazy, I know.  He is at the same school he's been attending since kindergarten.  He knows most of the kids in his class and is excited to be in a portable this year.  He was excited to find out that a couple of good friends are in his class this year.
This picture was taken at back to school night.

Tanner is in 3rd grade and doing his last year in the P.AL. program (it's 1st-3rd).  He has a new teacher and it is a guy!  He's had the same teacher for 1st and 2nd grade so while he is with the same group of kids he gets to adjust to a new teacher and classroom.

Porter is in 1st grade and also doing the P.A.L. program so he is at the same school as Tanner with Tanner's old teacher.  We'll see how it goes with him at school all day long.  It seems so long for those kids the first month or so.  He's excited to make new friends, ride in the car with Aunt Holly, and be at Tanner's school with his old teacher.

Here they are ready for school.  They were up and ready an hour and a half before they needed to leave the house!

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