Friday, October 24, 2008

Decorating Pumpkins

The boys decorated their pumpkins today. Tanner had a great time poking his pumpkin with the marker. Vance had fun drawing, making me help him with a face, and then putting stickers over the face. Here are some pictures. The second picture Vance is clapping for Tanner. I guess he approved of Tanner's decorating.
Vance insisted that I cut the lid of the pumpkin off. I think he has watched "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" too many times. I got prepared for a big mess, stripped the boys down to only the essentials and cut out the top of Vance's pumpkin. Can you believe that neither boy would stick their hand in the pumpkin? Tanner came close as you can see in his picture, but no I had to be the one to fish out all the pumpkin seeds. Silly boys.


Sheila C. said...

I always remember carving pumpkins was more work than I remembered from year to year. You had the right idea!

Mabel said...

So fun! Vance did agood job with his stickers making the face. I love how Tanner hooks his little toes on the high chair tray.