Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I guess I've been video happy lately. Tanner is funny about kisses. If you tell him to give you a kiss he will lean his forehead (or whatever other body part) into you so that you can kiss him. This was my attempt to show you all. Vance loves being videotaped and decided he wanted to copy Tanner. Oh, Tanner was also fascinated with the blinking light on the camera. Unfortunately, I kind of had to be in the video so ignore me as much as you can.


Erin said...

Yay videos! I love the videos, they make me smile. Especially lately when I am really missing those nephews of mine. Keep em coming!

I may be biased (nah....) but I think we have the cutest little boys ever in our family.

Sheila C. said...

I thought most boys I have met liked to kiss a bit more than that-you have taught them well, lets just see if they remember not to kiss on the lips when they are in their teenage years!! :)