Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tired Tanner

My boys are early risers. The majority of the time they are both up by 7 am. They've both been that ways since they were newborns so I am used to it. However, when they are both up before 6 am as they were this morning, I get seriously annoyed. Tanner hasn't taken a morning nap for a long time, but apparently I should have put him down for one this morning. I went into the kitchen to do some dishes leaving the boys with a snack and a movie and when I looked over at Tanner this is what I saw! He was completely out. It made me chuckle because his hand is in the bag of teddy grahams and he has crumbs on his face. Vance was not being quite by any stretch of the imagination, but poor Tanner was so tired! He napped like that for about 40 minutes before he woke up.

I enjoy listening to conversations that Vance and Tanner have with each other. They are always fairly short. Either one of them makes the other mad, one ignores the other, or one loses interest in the conversation. Here is one from this morning (after Tanner had napped)

Tanner: Wall-E? (meaning he wants to watch Wall-E)
Vance: No, Tanner. Wall-E's in the car.

At which point Tanner turned to me for what he wanted. Vance was right. Wall-E was in our dvd player in the car. (what Vance didn't know was that the car was in the garage because Stephen has found someone to carpool with to work. Yay!)

Anyway, if all of this wasn't enough cuteness then I don't know what is.


Holly said...

That's the way to do it. A nap while you're snacking! He's a genius. I'm surprised Vance didn't try to sneak his Teddy Grahams while he was snoozing.

Lawrence said...

Tanner is pretty ingenious, if you think about it. He has discovered a way to eat and sleep simultaneously. That takes talent!

I did notice that he was protecting his Teddy Grahams with one hand against all intruders, including big brother!

Whata cutie!

Sheila C. said...

I feel like him sometimes...