Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You know you are from a small town...

You know you come from a small town if
There are no traffic lights in your town.
Your husband's graduating class is bigger than your entire high school (freshman-senior).
You can name everyone in your graduating class.
There is no Wal-Mart, heck there is barely a small grocery store at all!
You have to drive 20 minutes to any mall, 60 for a decent mall.
Your town has an annual "Community Days" where they show their community pride.

What is Community Days? Well, there are different things that go on and it is an excuse for a small town to show there pride. There's a "Miss Smalltown" pageant. On Saturday there is what they call a "Fun Run" (5K and 10K), but if you are like me that is an oxymoron. My mom has done the 5k a handful of times because she is awesome like that. There's a breakfast (I've never attended that), and a parade that goes up one street and down the other. We took the boys to it this year and last year. They had a good time waving and getting candy. Vance actually sat on my lap and waved. The only time he got up was to get candy. I was impressed. Tanner waved too and got way sticky (he's checking out his sticky hand in his picture). When we're lucky a play falls into that same weekend. (and as you can tell from previous posts that a highlight for my family)

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