Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The boys and I are enjoying fall. It's nice to be able to go outside and not be too hot or too cold. My cherry tomato plant in my garden was the most successful thing this year and it is still going strong. The boys like to help me pick my tomatoes, but since they prefer the color green over red those are the ones that little hands pick no matter how many times I tell them to leave the green and pick the red. What can you do? There are lots of things I like about October. (Halloween just isn't one of them.)
P.S. How can you resist squishing Tanner when he is wearing this hoodie? I don't have the answer.


Holly said...

Everytime you post, blogger e-mails the entire post to me. Weird. I don't know if it's my settings or yours (it's only your blog that does it). Anyway, it's nice you're enjoying the weather. Not me. It dropped from 80 degrees to 40 overnight and I've been cursing the cold. I'm fine with it when it's gradual but having to run the A/C one day and the heater the next is not ok!

Lawrence said...

Tanner is hard to resist. He is the squishiest in that outfit!!!

Kimmy said...

I say the longer fall lasts, the better. It's never long enough for me. I like it for the same reasons you do on top of there not being much, if any, construction on the highways (except in Nevada). Tanner is squishy all the time, but he looks like a little pumpkin in that, ready for squeezing. So cute!