Sunday, October 25, 2009

Primary Program

Vance participated in his first primary program ever this morning. He wasn't overly reverent, but he blended right in as far as that goes. He got up and did his part, however he wouldn't get close enough to the microphone to hear anything he said. Oh well. He's got pleny of more primary programs to go through before he is done. I took a picture of him all ready for church this morning and then Tanner actually wanted his picture taken too so here's pictures of both of them. They both look much cuter in their buttoned up shirts and ties, but I know how much Vance plays with his tie and I didn't want him doing that in front of the entire ward so I opted for the polos shirts this morning. Don't my kids look so grown up?


Sheila C. said...

They do look all grown up and CUTE!

Lawrence said...

Vance and Tanner are some good-looking guys, Mom. Wait another 10 years and watch out!

Kimmy said...

Cute boys! I'm surprised Tanner wanted his picture taken, though.