Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Time

We decorated pumpkins today. I didn't want the boys to get their clothes all dirty, but as it turned out there was no danger of that happening. Tanner wouldn't have anything to do with the pumpkins once I cut the tops off them and he looked inside. Vance was brave enough to put his hand in, but only just. He made a face everytime and then wanted to wash his hand in between.
He was very proud of the seeds he pulled out of the pumpkin (about three of them).

We carved one and drew on the other two. Vance wanted me to draw a face on his and he told me just what to do. Two triangles for eyes, an triangle for the nose, and then he made a face for the mouth that looked something like this pumpkin's.

Tanner definitely enjoyed drawing on his pumpkin.
Our pumpkins this year came from my parents garden. Woo-hoo for free pumpkins. :)


Lawrence said...

Well, the highlight may not have been the inside of a pumpkin, but it sure looked like they were having fun! Maybe "squishy" isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Edmond said...

I am not surprised the boys didn't like the inside of a pumpkin since they don't like to get their hands dirty at all.

Kimmy said...

Yeah for pumpkin carving! Cute boys! They're funny. I carved pumpkins the other night, too. Way to go for getting that Halloween tradition started.