Monday, July 26, 2010

The best picture ever!

Isn't this the greatest picture you have ever seen?  Stephen probably won't be excited that I posted this picture, but I don't care because to me this picture represents so much.  Love, companionship, work... just to name a few things.  Do you want to know what I was doing while Stephen weeding away?  I was lounging in a camp chair playing with our baby (and sneaking a picture of my wonderful husband).  Weeding is just one of the many things that Stephen does around here and I am so grateful for it.  He faithfully takes care of the trash and does the dishes every night too.  He always gives the oldest two boys their baths. Oh, there are countless things he does to  help me out and I am so appreciative of it all.  I am the smartest woman in the world for picking him to be my eternal companion.  I am so blessed. 


Holly said...

You mean you're the smartest woman in the world for convincing him to marry you...;) Although, he did get an amazing woman for a wife out of the deal so I think it worked out well for both of you!

Mabel said...

Yes, he did get an amazing wife! Can I borrow him for a while? I have some serious weeding that needs to be done and I am not motivated to do it.