Friday, July 2, 2010

Potty Training Tanner

I am envious when I hear stories about children who randomly say they don't want to wear diapers anymore and boom they are off and running with underwear.  I find potty training to be rather challenging.  I had my mind set to potty train Tanner in January, but after a day and a half of tears on both our parts and killing my pregnant body I gave up.  So now that we've had a chance to adjust to a new baby and been to Utah for Eric's wedding I knew it was time.  I actually think we could have been successful a few months ago, but I, personally wasn't ready to do it yet.  Anyway, I started working with Tanner on Wednesday and he is doing pretty well.  Today he only had one accident.  I don't mess around with pull-ups or anything like that.  Once I put my kid in underwear that's all they wear.  I am real excited to be back to one kid in diapers again!  Now we just need to get past the new potty training phase where you worry about taking your kid out in public and to nursery and stuff.  Anyway, that is the big event going on in our lives. 

P.S.  Stephen is back in school pursing a degree in Information Technology with an emphasis in Networking.  I don't think I've mentioned that before.

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